How much does it cost for Real Estate Photography?

Every project is different but we have some general pricing ranges to start from. Basic Real Estate Photography starts at $150 and goes up to $500+ depending on the size of the property, video, drone, etc...

What is your turnaround time on scheduling and delivery?

Our goal is to crush client timing expectations by offering a flexible scheduling process and a 24 hour turnaround on Real Estate Imagery. Other types of photography just depend on the setting and circumstance but we like to have photos edited and out the door within 48 hours.

How far do you travel?

Micro- We will drive up to 25 miles within Louisville metro before discussing additional travel costs.

Macro- We will drive, fly, bike, take a dog sled, anything to document a special journey or destination of your choosing.

What do you shoot with?

We shot many years of Fuji and since 2014 switched to Nikon using variety of wide angled, zoom, and fixed lenses depending on our client’s needs. We are also working with DJI for aerial options and have some handheld go-pros for the weekend warriors.

Do you shoot weddings?

Short answer, I’d love to.

Long answer, lets talk about it because I’m branching into more event driven photography and have been asked a dozen times to shoot weddings for friends, colleagues, and family members. So, its time to take a chance, Columbus did!

Who owns the photos?

Typically clients are free to use the photo’s as they see fit as they are theirs. FCP owns all images created but will work with any client around copyright and ownership questions.